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Well, only in the sense that it’s current. Informative? Sure. Objective? Sometimes. Professional? Absolutely not.

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About This Petty Indulgence You Find Yourself Accidentally Viewing

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"It's very important to me that you agree with everything I am about to say." -Wesley Scott

Wesley Scott is a writer and actor living on the North side of Chicago in a tiny studio apartment and spending his days playing video games, reading comic books, watching television and occasionally going to his day job when he needs a little cash. He is everything Conservatives fear when they talk about the problems with a welfare state and he is everything Liberals fear when they timidly advocate for sex positive education.

He is an authority on nothing.

Here you'll find a collection of his thoughts on the most popular entertainment medium in the world especially in regards to its literary value. Be careful, he has a lot of opinions and you're nearly guaranteed not to agree with them all. In fact you may not agree with any of them. When you don't, please tell him so in the least crazy way you know how. This being the internet he understands that a little crazy is an inevitability, of course. Violent racism and conspicuous homophobia delivered entirely in capital letters is how you know you've arrived on the internet, right?

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Hey, look at that sexy guy. That blank stare. Wouldn’t you love to be him? Playing videogames all day, never facing the consequences of a life ignored? Too bad! Job taken!

Friendly Wesley

Master of Ceremonies, Booze Logistician, Sexual Organizer, Misappropriator of Funds, and all around Good Time Charlie.
See that twinkle in his eye? That is madness that teeters on the brink of insanity but will not fall in. He is beyond desire and therefore CANNOT BE DESTROYED.

Badass Wesley

Executive in charge of Not Giving a Fuck.
Okay, this one is just Wesley in a leather jacket. Would you fuck with this guy though? You would not! He has a leather jacket on, after all.

Business Wesley

No one likes this guy.


Real fake people and their opinions.

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